Depth of Field Episode #9: 

Embracing Your Secret Sauce with Penny’s Marketing Director Annie Cavallo



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

What was the best decision Penny has made for her business? In this week’s episode, Penny gives a behind-the-scenes look at the journey of working with her marketing and branding director Annie Cavallo. They discuss Annie’s branding strategies and the impact it had on Penny’s business. 

Embrace your secret sauce: Annie and Penny dive deep into what Penny’s secret sauce is and how they have incorporated it into her branding and marketing. Annie also shares practical advice on finding your own secret sauce and how to stand out in a competitive online world to attract the right audience and clients.

Consistency is Key: Building a strong brand and online presence requires consistent effort. Whether it's posting regularly on social media, sending out newsletters, or creating videos and podcasts, the key is to show up consistently and authentically. They discuss the changes they have made in Penny’s business over the past year and the effect it has had. 

Finding your why: They discuss the importance of finding the motivation behind your work and finding your bigger calling. Finding the why also helped Penny transition to many projects related to photography that helped showcase her work and knowledge.

Overall, Penny highly recommends working with an expert on marketing and branding. They wrap up by discussing Annie’s new project “Go Brand Yourself” and how you can find more advice and community to help with your own marketing journey.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • Annie’s role in Penny’s business over the past year and the changes they have made
  • The benefits of hiring a marketing director
  • Finding Penny’s secret sauce and how you can find yours
  • Showing up authentically in a competitive market and standing out as an expert
  • The influence and respond cycle and how AI fits into that model within the creative industry
  • The changing role of social media for all artists and creatives
  • How to know what to post on social media to reach your audience and clients
  • The importance of knowing your why and how Annie helped Penny showcase it
  • How to find more resources on marketing and branding

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