Depth of Field Episode #3: 

Finding Your Voice as a Visual Storyteller with National Geographic Photo Editor Elizabeth Krist



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In this episode of Depth of Field, host Penny De Los Santos welcomes special guest Elizabeth Krist, a veteran photo editor at National Geographic. They discuss creativity, inspiration, and the challenges faced by photographers and creatives evolving in their careers. 

Finding Your Voice: Elizabeth and Penny discuss what it means to discover your unique voice as a visual storyteller. Everyone has different ways of finding their voice and it's a journey that takes time and exploration.

Constant Stimulation: Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of keeping your eyes open to new ideas and perspectives. Whether you're living in a bustling city or observing nature, Elizabeth encourages you to immerse yourself in different environments that can inspire you.

Staying curious: Elizabeth has great advice for aspiring photographers and visual storytellers. She explains that the common denominator she has seen among successful careers is an unquenchable curiosity and desire for learning.

Join them as they explore the future of visual storytelling and share valuable insights for photographers and creatives alike.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • Elizabeth’s career at National Geographic and creating a new perspective from an overwhelming abundance of images
  • Challenges at all stages of a creative career, from getting started to leaving your legacy
  • Balancing paid work with personal passion
  • The future of storytelling and challenges in reaching a wider audience
  • Gaining inspiration from city life, nature, and other famous creatives
  • Finding your voice and sticking to it

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