Depth of Field Episode #10: 

 The Art of a Moment with Host Penny De Los Santos



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In this episode of Depth of Field, Penny shares a personal experience that had a profound impact on not only her photography, but also her life. Previously told at a TEDx Talk, we hear the captivating story of documenting the lives of Iraqi refugees during Ramadan. 

Penny overcame challenges to not only capture the moment, but also to honor these people and their experiences. The most beautiful moments can happen when one least expects it and the best work is all about human connection. 

Additionally, Penny recounts the final days of her mother’s life and the impact it had. She considers the difference between capturing a moment and experiencing a moment.

Penny concludes the episode with some insights on how not only the photography industry has changed, but how her perspective on life and photography has also shifted. Tune in to hear the inspiring details of these stories and reflections.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • Penny’s transformative personal story, previously featured on a TEDx Talk
  • The experience of photographing Iraqi refugees in Lebanon during Ramadan
  • Adapting to unexpected situations and challenges
  • Understanding the significance of human connection in photography
  • Lessons learned from the last days with Penny’s mother
  • Capturing a moment vs. experiencing a moment
  • Shifts and transitions in the photography industry
  • The lessons and takeaways Penny gained from these experiences

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