Depth of Field Episode #5: 

The Future of the Photography Industry: Shifts and Trends with Photo Director Tracey Woods



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In this episode of Depth of Field, host Penny De Los Santos meets with award-winning visuals director and producer Tracey Woods to discuss shifts and trends in the photography industry. They provide many insightful takeaways for creatives who are seeking a fulfilling career in today’s evolving world. 

Underrated skills for photographers: Tracey recommends taking courses that many people forget about but that are essential in today’s world. Discover which skills can heavily influence a creative career that no one talks about.

Put down the camera: Tracey highlights the importance of finding inspiration for photography through diverse outlets. She shares several surprising artistic pursuits that have sparked inspiration and creativity in her career.

Photographers, content creators, and influencers: Social media and the rise of video have changed what it means to be a photographer these days. Penny and Tracey dive into what the differences between these roles are, how they are evolving and shifting, and how to use photography skills to enter an untapped market.

Join them as they explore the future of photography and content creation through this conversation on industry shifts and current trends.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • What to do when you are undervalued
  • Which top underrated skills photographers should learn
  • How to find inspiration outside of photography and Tracey’s other creative pursuits 
  • Current trends such as AI, social media, content creation, and the role of video
  • The differences between photographers and creators; influencers and content creators
  • The importance of finding support and a community

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